Simutrace 3.2.2
Simulation Tracing Framework
Deprecated List
globalScope> Global StMakeStreamDescriptor (const char *name, uint32_t entrySize, StreamTypeFlags flags, StreamDescriptor *descOut)
Before 3.2: temporalOrder was the only flag that could be specified. The parameter has been replaced.
Class StreamDescriptor
Before 3.2: The hidden field was the only possible flag. The field has been replaced to add further flags.
Class StreamTypeDescriptor
Before 3.2: A set of bit fields was used to represent the stream properties. The fields have been replaced with the flags field to improve interoperability.
globalScope> Global StSessionCreateStore (SessionId session, const char *specifier, _bool alwaysCreate)
Before 3.1: If alwaysCreate was set to _false and the store already existed, this method was used to open a store. The method now fails in this scenario. Use StSessionOpenStore() instead.
globalScope> Global StStreamEnumerate (SessionId session, size_t bufferSize, StreamId *streamIdsOut)
Before 3.2: The method fails if the given buffer is too small to receive all stream ids.
globalScope> Global StStreamOpen (SessionId session, StreamId stream, QueryIndexType type, uint64_t value, StreamAccessFlags flags, StreamHandle handle)

Before 3.1: If successful, the handle will NOT point to the exact entry requested by the <type, value>-pair. The method only guarantees that the requested entry is in the data delivered by the server for this request. To find the desired entry, use StGetNextEntryFast() on the returned handle and scan over the entries manually.

Before 3.2: handle may also be a write handle to the stream.

globalScope> Global StWriteVariableData (StreamHandle *handlePtr, byte *sourceBuffer, size_t sourceLength, uint64_t *referenceOut)
Before 3.1: The parameter referenceOut must not be NULL.
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